Finance Resources

  1. ETF Company. USCF Investments. The leading commodity ETF provider, as well as some great equity ETFs.
  2. ETF Company.  Index IQ.  A company that is building market indices and ETFs.
  3. Brokerage Firm:  Lind Waldock.  A brokerage firm specializing in commodity futures.
  4. Brokerage Firm.  TradeKing.  A brokerage firm known for option trading.
  5. Brokerage Firm.  Interactive Brokers.  A professional system for all levels, amateurs, pros, and hedge funds.
  6. Brokerage Firm.  TD Ameritrade.  A brokerage firm for individuals.
  7. Stock Exchange. Nasdaq.
  8. Stock Exchange. New York Stock Exchange.
  9. Commodities Exchange.  Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  A futures exchange with all kinds of futures contracts, including commodities, equities, foreign exchange, interest rates, real-estate, and weather.
  10. Commodities Exchange.  Chicage Board of Trade.  A futures exchange with all kinds of futures contracts, including agricultural, metals, interest rate, and equities.
  11. Historical Stock Data.  Yahoo! Finance.  All kinds of detailed data about companies: earnings reports, projections, analyst reports, and even historical quotes.
  12. Historical Stock Data.  Google Finance.  Another financial site in development.
  13. Macroeconomic Data.  St. Louis Federal Reserve.  This is one of the great sources for US macroeconomic data.
  14. Exchange Rate Data.  Exchange Rate Data.  A website to obtain historical exchange rates.
  15. Financial Library.  OSU Virtual Finance Library.  The Ohio State University’s Virtual Finance Library.
  16. Financial Newspaper. Wall Street Journal.