The Computer Revolution

Today I travelled to Mountain View, CA to visit the Computer History Museum.  It was very inspiring to see all the wonderful things we’ve done in this industry.  I thought I would share some of the special things I had seen.   First, I saw one of the original computers that Steve Jobs and Wonziak produced for their club, which eventually became the Apple I (see picture 1).  This even has Woz’s signature on the top of the wood box.

I also got a glimpse of the famous Altair 8000 computer (see picture 2).  I saw one of the first productions of the ever successful game “Pong” (see featured image).  I saw one of the first Atari units for homes…wow…can anyone remember Atari? (see picture 3)

Most impressive, and perhaps not as well known, I saw what has been classified as the “first personal computer”:  the Kenrak-1 (see picture 4).  It was designed and built by one man.

As I drove away from museum, I drove by the present and the future of computing, passing Google’s headquarters.  It reminded me of how much humans have accomplished in the last 50 years…only one area of computing has not really accomplished much…artificial intelligence…which made me even more amazed about the human being; a work of art that we have not even come close to replicating.