The San Francisco Fleet Week and Columbus Day Parade

San Francisco was full of exciting events this weekend.  From the Blue Angels flying overhead (see picture below) to the celebration of Columbus day (see the Italian firetruck and Le Donne d’Italia below).  There were playoff baseball games, 49er football games, and the USA won the American’s cup in sailing (  But amongst all the celebrations, I came across a museum of arcade games.  There was a fascinating collection of arcade games dating back to the 1920s.  One game that particularly caught my eye was a golf game from 1928.  You pay 25 cents for 3 balls and try to hit them into three holes (see picture below).  I played it, it was quite fun.

I also came across a pinball game of The Adams Family.  It was a game that my friend Paul and I used to play regularly in the early hours of the morning at MIT’s student center.  We must have had thousands of games on that old pinball machine.  I played it again for old time’s sake.

Before I left the festivities, I ran into two marine officers that I had met the night before.  They were 24 year old good looking guys that have been working hard to defend peace around the world.  I shook their hands and said “Thank you.”